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Introducing the second tea from Kotagiri, the Nilgiri Bai Mu Dan. A beautiful white tea, also harvested during February end. This estate is situated at an altitude of 5500-6000 feet.


The dry leaf has hints of ripe banana and guava. When placed on the heated ware, the fruity note opens up and you also notice an earthy and minty background to it. The liquor is sweet on the first sip and you notice notes of white flowers first. As you progress further, you can notice faint notes of banana, guava and muskmelon. This tea has our favourite yellow oleander note too, adding to the nectar like character of this tea. The liquor also has a sugarcane note, blending beautifully with the nectar notes. The liquor leaves you with a sweet and fruity aftertaste which lasts for a very long time! We are sure you will enjoy this new addition from one of our favourite regions in India, the Nilgiris!


Appearance : Pale yellow

Taste : Guava, yellow oleander, white flowers, muskmelon, sugarcane, banana

Steeping Time : 3 minutes western style, 25 seconds gongfu style adding 10 seconds every subsequent steep
Leaf to water ratio :  1 gram per 100ml for western style, 5 grams per 100ml for gongfu style

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 88°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Works good both ways

Harvest Season : Winter 2022-23, plucked in the last week of February 2023

Nilgiri Bai Mu Dan


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