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Introducing our fourth batch of made in India gaiwans, the Indian Stoneware Gaiwan!


Following up on the old design language, this batch has one significant change, it is unglazed this time! This batch is also finished with an interesting process called burnishing, which is the method of making the surface smooth by polishing it using a smooth object, mostly stone or metal. This decreases the porosity of the ungalzed ware, making it food safe as well as allowing for a more even seasoning.


Once again, like all our handcrafted teawares, this is a limited edition with a total of 10 gaiwans made. We hope this finds a place in your home and graces you with a beautiful tea-time experience! 



Clay : Sandalwood Indian stoneware clay

Finish : Unglazed

Capacity : 115ml

Contains : Cup, lid and saucer

Artist : Aastha Sahal

Indian Stoneware Gaiwan