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A box covering the wide range of Sheng Pu'erh style teas we have worked very hard to develop since 2018! Explore most Indian Pu'erh style teas the country has to offer through this!


In this box, you get : 

1. 2023 Spring Wild Gushu Sheng Maocha (25 grams)

2. 2023 Indian Gushu Sheng "Pu'erh" Cake (25 grams)

3. 2023 Autumn Dooars Sheng Maocha (25 grams)

4. Indian Gushu Sheng Pu'erh Cake(Spring 2020) (25 grams)

5. Indian Gushu Sheng Dragon Pearl (Spring 2020) (8 gram pearl)

Indian Pu'erh Tea Box


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