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Adding yet another tea to our Nilgiri collection, the "Candy" green tea! Green teas from Nilgiri have always been special, this takes it to another level. We are immensely thankful to the hardworking artisans who pluck this tea on the steep slopes at 6200 feet, braving the cold winter mornings when most of us are asleep in our cozy and warm beds. Apart from this, the estate manager personally tastes each and every batch and after working together for two seasons, recommends us only his best batches, this is one of them.


The dry leaf has a fruity and sugar candy like aroma, akin to peach candies. When placed on heated ware, we get a mild grassy aroma along with a butter biscuit like note. The aroma has an umami character, not at all meaty but more like a vegetal umami, more sweet than savoury. The liquor starts smooth and sweet with notes of white flowers and peaches at first, there is a hint of mango as well. As it cools down, the candylike character is more robust with the sugary sweetness coming to the front. As it cools further down, there is a hint of rose leaf as well as chamomile. The aftertaste is long with notes of apricot being the most prominent. It is our job to describe the taste to you, but we'd recommend just brewing it up in your favourite teaware using your favourite liquor and just enjoy the delicious brew it gives you. Tasting notes are fine in deciding if you would like a tea but that is just one part of the story, the way these come together in your brew is one of the most important parts, and they do beautifully in this and we can hardly describe that with words! Hope you enjoy this tea as much as we do and share your experience with us!


Appearance : Pale green

Taste : Peach, peach candy, mango, white flower, apricot, rose leaf, chamomile

Steeping Time : 3 minutes western style, 20 seconds gongfu style adding 5 seconds every subsequent steep
Leaf to water ratio :  0.7 gram per 100ml for western style, 3.5 grams per 100ml for gongfu style

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 85°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Works well with all styles

Nilgiri Candy Green Tea


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