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Wild Litsea Black Tea


Litsea cubeba is an aromatic evergreen tree with tremendous medicinal properties widely used in the traditional Chinese medicine. Wild litsea black tea is a concoction of wild litsea fruit with our wild black tea.


Our partner follows a meticulous blending process, which is the method adopted for Chinese scented teas like jasmine green tea. Unlike most blending which is done by mixing tea with dried materials, our blending is done with fresh litsea fruits.


  • Our wild teas are blended with fresh litsea fruits overnight in a basket (container) and separated the next day morning and the tea leaves are then sun dried
  • These process is repeated over 3 times in order to achieve the right mix
  • This method of blending gives an infusion of fresh aromas which is more enjoyable than aroma infused through dried herbs or flowers
  • Also, this process avoid infusion of dried herbs/flowers while brewing the tea, as the dried herbs/flowers sometimes give unwanted taste and texture to the tea liquor


Appearance : Bright Orange

Taste : Citrus bite, raisins, wild honey, fruity, woody

Grade : Wild Gushu Assamica 

Recommended Steeping Time : 3-4 minutes for western, 10 seconds for GongFu

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 85 to 90°C

Wild Litsea Black Tea


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