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The long wait is over! 2022 Indian Gushu Sheng is in stock now!

Finally after an year long wait, we have the 2022 Spring Indian Gushu Sheng Cake from Manipur in stock! The 2021 harvest was reserved for experimentation and we are glad to have done that! Although it did lead to no 2021 cakes, it makes our 2022 cakes even more worth that wait! No doubt we loved the older and redder cakes from 2018-2020, this is much closer to the real sheng Pu'erh teas from China! We've finally removed the "Pu'erh" in the name with the launch of the version which most resembles it!

Keeping up with our trend of ridiculous pricing this year, we have priced this at $45, our lowest yet for this Sheng cha from Manipur! Hope you enjoy the fruit of our experimentation leading to this beautiful cake!

Click here to visit the product page!

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