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30% off on teas from Arunachal Pradesh!

We've been in love with each and every tea from this beautiful part of India and have decided to run a short sale on them! Use this opportunity to try teas from this heaven on earth! Also, you can club this offer with offerings from the "Discounted Teas" page!

Do you need help choosing? We're here to do that!

The must haves include :

  1. Arunachal Roasted Black Tea for its unique processing and taste!

  2. Arunachal Floral / Handmade Black tea for the deliciousness low oxidation black tea brings!

  3. Arunachal Purple Leaf Oolong/Black tea for the unique purple leaf cultivar!

  4. Arunachal Summer/Autumn/Golden Bud Black Tea for the robust full oxidation flavour!

  5. Arunachal Platinum Needles for the touch of luxury needed in life!

Find the offer details below!

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