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Loving Indian Tea


India has so much to offer when it comes to teas that soothe your body and mind. A selection of floral and fruity teas, wild harvested old tree teas and teas which defy conventional tea making standards, Indian tea has it all! If you have been seeking an experience like this, your wait is over! As we are here to showcase the best of Indian teas.


At Ketlee, we offer diligently processed whole leaf teas from many popular as well as remote locations from across the country. Let's talk about a few of them!

Striking a confident pose!

Manipur, Spring 2018


Experience teas from Ancient Wild Tea forests in Manipur, India. Some of the tea trees here are upto 300 years old. From this lesser known region, each tea has its own way of sharing the beauty of the forest, pure and full of complexities. Get a taste of handcrafted teas from the wilderness, sheng mochas or pressed in cakes, charcoal roasted oolongs, dragon pearls and many more!

Nilgiris, Summer 2024


Explore a high altitude tea growing region with the average tea estate elevation of around 6000 feet from southern India. Never a dull moment with these breezy bushes as they do not have a resting period but produce high quality teas throughout the year. Teas from the misty blue hills of Nilgiris pleasantly transport you to fruit orchards. Also, the greens from here are one of the absolute bests from India!


Sikkim, Summer 2023


In the north-eastern state of Sikkim the mineral rich soil grows some extraordinary teas, it is the first state(not estate!) in India to be certified completely agrochemical free. One must indulge in the delicate purity of the wildly floral teas from this Eastern-Himalayan region. Many teas from here resemble yellow-floral notes, precisely the kind which grow in high-mountain lush green Himalayan valleys.

Arunachal Pradesh, Late Spring 2023


With innovation and hunger to get better at the heart of their mission, small growers from Arunachal Pradesh aim to set themselves apart from bigger tea estates, by crafting new teas year-on-year. Having mastered the art of balanced black teas, sweet and malty, their oolongs are also deliciously pleasing, mostly low oxidation variants with notes of lemongrass taking centerstage. The newly added black teas(Arunachal Candy Black Tea and Arunachal Highland Gold) from this region set the bar very high for other region recently, with an impeccable balance of fruit, floral, astringent and malty notes!

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