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Introducing Orthodox Smoked White Tea

Smoky, fruity and with intense qi. Our goal of offering the most unique and unheard of Indian teas just got a major boost courtesy of small artisans we work with. Continuous innovation in the fine food space is something no company can single handedly offer and we are no different. So a heartful thanks to the wonderful Manipur folks for creating this gem of a tea! We've had no say in the production of this particular tea and hence we're extremely proud to showcase what high taste standards our indigenous tea makers adhere to.

Smoked white and black tea sounds very simple but tea drinkers worldwide do know very well about how difficult it is to get it just right. For your tea to be smoky enough to compliment but not interfere with the taste is a skill which comes with a lot of practice and that's the main reason this tea shines even more. The folks living in the old tree forest area have been making this tea since time immemorial!

This tea has a more intense smoky taste compared to the one we already offer. The delicate flavour of the white combines beautifully with the smoky note. The dry leaf smells smoky and fruity. You can feel a distinct crunchy Indian guava and yellow flower note on the nose after the tea is rinsed. The fruity and flowery notes transfer nicely into the liquor, along with the smoky note of course. After the second steep, we feel some spicy notes as well which is common with all the wild white teas we offer. On the fruity front, there are notes of pears, phalsa(an Indian fruit) and some spicy notes like cinnamon and white pepper. The tea is rich in caffeine and energizes you well!

At ₹220/$3 for 25gms, this is the most affordable white tea we will ever offer. Try this intriguing white tea anywhere in the world! We offer free shipping worldwide!

Shop this tea by clicking on this link.

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