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A slight deivation from our usual teas, presenting the masala chai with the hottest pepper in the world, known as Bhut Jolokia in India and as Ghost Pepper elsewhere. There are two stories about the name, both focusing on the first word, bhut. One says that since it was brough to Assam by the Bhutanese community living there, it was named Bhut Jolokia. The other is also an interesting one and also responsible for the English translation, the word bhut/bhoot also means ghost in a lot of Indian languages and hence it was translated as Ghost Pepper. Jolokia means pepper and the meaning remains the same for both the origin stories.


The tea also has a little bit of cinnamon to add a slight sweetness to it. How do we even describe this tea? It is hot, more than you can imagine. Please do not try to sniff the aroma from the pouch like you do with all our other teas! We love to have hot foods to keep the cold away, this is a perfect candidate for that. As the cold starts its reign throughout the world in December, we are continuing the tradition of adding teas which heat you up during winters(Wild Galangal Black Tea last year), going rather extreme this time.


Use your usual chai recipe to make this tea, we recommend drinking this with heavy milk for the best experience. You can also try this with our Masala Chai Blend.


Our Recipe : 2-2.5 tablespoon of tea, sugar to taste and 35-40% whole milk for a total 400 ml tea.

Bhut Jolokia Masala Chai

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