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Presenting the first high altitude grown Arunachal tea, the Arunachal Highland Black. Grown at 4000 feet, this is something we were waiting for since long! We're proud and ecstatic that small growers in the region are making such top notch teas, it just gets better from here! 


The dry leaf has a milk chocolate like aroma with a malty finish. When placed on a heated teaware, the same intensifies with the sweetness being more upfront, there is a hint of flowers as well. The infusion has a floral complexity which is unmatched, with notes of fragrant virgin's bower(clematis flammula) being the most dominant, further sips reveal notes of chrysanthemum and gardenia. Larger sips bring you fruity notes of oranges and lemons but without the zest, having only the sweetness. The milk chocolate note translates into the liquor as well, being more pronounced on the finish. There is a hint of vanilla, which is more noticeable when the liquor cools down. The most interesting part about this tea is the incredible floral complexity without the liquor being perfume like, the fruit and chocolate notes balance it well and make it an easy sipping tea!


Appearance : Bright orange

Taste : Fragrant virgin's bower, gardenia, milk chocolate, vanilla, lemon, orange, malt

Steeping Time : 3.5 minutes western s