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What we offer

We source our teas from Indian Tea Estates and Wild Tea forests located in the foothills of the Mighty Himalayas. Our leaf teas will transport you to the beauty and vastness of the hilly slopes and lush green landscapes of the gardens. One can experience all the harvest seasons of spring, summer, monsoon and autumn by indulging in plethora of flavours these flushes have to offer. We are pleased to share our cup of happiness with you.


Full bodied cup of Indian black tea to provide you with the strength to go on with your day


India's all time favourite, kadak milk chai!

The absolute first

Pu Erh style tea from India. Made from Ancient Trees, this is a Gushu Sheng Pu Erh in the truest sense.

Sikkim Spring Oolong Tea bermiok

Partially-oxidised chinese style tea, a very relaxing drink to put you at ease any time of the day


Loaded with anti-oxidants! We pride on bringing the best tasting green teas to you!

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