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The third standalone cup from the Hanjiki collection, the Hanjiki Quintessential Cup. Hanjiki is a Japanese word, made by combining the words han and jiki, han means half and jiki means porcelain. It is made by mixing earthenware and porcelain and fired at 1290°C.


Our absolute favourite cup from this batch, we had it almost decided that we are going to keep it but eventually decided on putting it on sale! The shape, texture and size are all perfect to us and we were thinking of naming it Hanjiki Perfect Cup! The only drawback about this cup is that if you were to drink with a partner, it would always be up for debate who gets to drink from it! Taking things a notch above, according to a research paper on cup shapes and our perception of taste when drinking the same tea from them, this particular shape is what makes the tea tastes best! 


Disclaimer : The colours of the pieces can be slightly different from how it appears in the photographs, although we try to present it as true to its nature as possible, it is incredibly hard to capture glazes and different kinds of display screens may present it differently.


Material : Glazed Hanjiki Porcelain


Capacity : 48 ml

Origin : Raw materials from Oakland, USA and handcrafted in Bangalore, India

Artist : Rajshree Ayushee

Hanjiki Quintessential Cup


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