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Ketlee turns 4 today! 33% off on all our teas!

Cannot believe its been 4 whole years since we started our journey of offering the most unique Indian teas from unheard of regions! This year has been exciting to say the least! With a couple of new region introductions, Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh, setting up a new packaging unit in our hometown Ranchi and finally establishing an in-house pottery studio enabling us to experiment as much as we always wanted to!


The most important part played in all of this was by you, through your constant support and appreciation! The past few years have been rough throughout the world and thriving through that is no small feat but your support for our craft made it seem like a breeze!

To thank you from the depth of our hearts, we are offering our biggest discount yet, a 33% off on all our teas! Use the code HBD to avail the offer! Valid till 2359 hours on 16th September. Also, we have an extra 10% discount on some teas on our "Discounted Teas" page, do check it out too!


1. Our mission with Ketlee has always been to provide you with the most interesting teas from lesser known regions in India. We will double down on that and plan on introducing some more new regions by the end of this year!

2. We wish to scale further and be able to provide stable employment to more people in our hometown Ranchi! Apart from the immense joy it brings us, it also is a delight when people in the smaller cities get to know about the scale, value and quality of fine tea being produced in India!

3. We wish to innovate further when it comes to teaware and we'll be offering some very interesting batches in the coming months, including handmade full porcelain teaware!

4. Due to the increase in our sales volume, we have been able to offer better discounts and price some teas cheaper than we could have a few years ago, we will continue on that path and share the perks of our growth with you!

Once again, thank you for being a part of our journey!


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