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All about Gushu(ancient tree) teas!

Some photos from Manipur old tree forest!

What is a gushu tea?

Gushu means tea made from ancient tea trees. When it comes to the exact number, it could eventually mean anything but usually people mean it for 200+ year old trees.

Why gushu tea?

There is a consensus that tea from older trees make for great tasting teas with more depth to the flavour and also that they are better suited to ageing. This is mostly due to the roots being deeper and the leaves having more stamina, that is, number of infusions to offer. This definitely does not mean that teas from younger trees, known as xiaoshu are inferior. It is just that teas from older trees have a charm which is hard to match if processed right.

This year, we'll be offering teas from younger trees as well for you to compare how much the age affects the taste when the processing is exactly the same. Being a controversial topic, the opinions are divided for sure, we'd love to know what you think about this, let us know!

About Indian Gushu Teas

We are the first Indian company to offer teas from ancient trees in India and have quite a selection to try from! We are also the first to make Gushu Sheng Pu'erh Teas from these plants, this is important because Pu'erh teas made from old trees are sought after all around the world and known for their intense flavour not usually found in any other type of tea! Apart from that we offer pressed white tea cakes from these ancient tea forests among many more, browse all of our wild gushu teas here!

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