Presenting 2021 Nilgiri Wintertime Oolong!


It is grown in Coonoor, Nilgiri at an altitude of 6300 feet. Their motto is to preserve the leaf's character resulting in some exceptional teas. The people making this tea work hard in the misty Nilgiris bringing you this experience, the steep slopes are not an easy place to work!


The area around the estates are always smelling a little fruity and minty and we get those same flavours in the tea. The dry leaf aroma is creamy and nutty which translates perfectly into the cup along with its flowery notes dominant in sweet yellow flowers. The aftertaste is long lasting and mostly fruity with the astringency staying along in the later steeps. The first infusion is dominant in the creamy, nutty and flowery notes. After the first steep, the rose/rose leaf kicks in and stays till the later steeps along with some fruity notes like litchi and apricots.


Appearance : Pale Orange

Taste : Creamy, nutty, white flowers, yellow flowers with apricot and litchi on the finish. 

Recommended Brewing Method : If you like the creamy notes more and would like to have more of it in your cup then western style, if you want to explore the leaf to the fullest then Gong Fu. 

Recommended Brewing Temperature : 85°C
Time of Picking : January 2021

2021 Winter Nilgiri Oolong


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