Introducing our third batch of handmade stoneware gaiwan. We are calling it Rustic Nouvelle, everything about this gaiwan is new yet it follows our old design style. 

The first major change is the size, which is now 110 ml down from 135-140ml of our batch #1 & 2. The second change is in the weight, this gaiwan is paper thin and weights about 110gms. The third change is the increased outward curvature of the bowl, making the flow smooth and also keeping it away from hot water making high temperatures of even 100°C extremely easy to handle. 

This is yet again a limited edition gaiwan with total 15 pieces being made. It will be available in two clay bodies, sandalwood and coffee brown colour, both will come with a cream rust glaze on the insides.


Clay : Stoneware

Glaze : Cream Rust on the insides and saucer

Capacity : 110ml

Contains : Cup, lid and glazed saucer

Artist : Yogesh

Rustic Nouvelle


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