Rust'ic Gaiwan + Cup Set by


This combo contains : 


  1. Rust'ic Speckled Handcrafted Gaiwan Batch #02
    Our Rustic Gaiwan with a Cream Rust Glaze on the inside. Simple yet elegant, this is one of our favourite Gaiwans. Handcrafted by artist Aastha Sahal from Bangalore, this is India's first attempt at traditional Chinese style teaware. It comes with an glazed rustic saucer.
  2. Rust'ic Stoneware Cup Set
    Handcrafted cups for the optimal tea time experience. The cups are of the perfect size at 55ml to the brim. We suggest you fill it 2/3rds, feel the aroma and savour your time with the finest teas. These are of the same design as our gaiwans, Rustic Stoneware finish on the body with glazed insides of cream rust colour.

    Note : Actual product may vary as this is a handmade product with some natual variations.



    1. Gaiwan

    Clay : Stoneware

    Glaze : Cream Rust on the insides and saucer

    Capacity : 145ml

    Contains : Cup, lid and saucer

    Artist : Aastha Sahal


    2. Cups

    Clay : Stoneware

    Glaze : Cream Rust on the Insides

    Capacity : 55ml

    Contains : Set of two cups

    Artist : Aastha Sahal

    Rust'ic Gaiwan + Cup Set


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