Introducing a new Wild Gushu Tea, Pan Fried Wild Green Tea from Manipur


A very toasty green tea, picked in the earliest of spring at an elevation of 1000m in Santing Mountain in Manipur. This tea undergoes pan frying after withering, completely removing the water content and getting rolled along with being roasted. This brings out a earthy, toasty, mild flowery aroma along with a gooseberry sweetness with the cooling aftertaste of fennel seed. A very refreshing green tea, easy on the stomach and an easy drinking tea. 


Appearance : Light Golden Hue

Taste & Aroma : Mildly grassy, freshly roasted nuts, wild flowery sweetness, gooseberry, fennel

Grade : Wild Gushu Early Spring Harvest(March 2019)

Recommended Steeping Method : We prefer western brewing for our wild green teas, 2-3 grams per 100ml and brew for 1-2 minutes, for GongFu use 4 grams per 100ml water and brew for 10-20 seconds

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 85°C

Pan Fried Wild Green Tea


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