Presenting 2020 Wintertime Nilgiri Highland White Tea!


It is grown in Coonoor, Nilgiri at an altitude of 6300 feet. Their motto is to preserve the leaf's character resulting in some exceptional teas. The people making this tea work hard in the misty Nilgiris bringing you this experience, the steep slopes are not an easy place to work!


This tea is made during the peak winters, the best season for Nilgiri tea. The dry leaf aroma is creamy and fruity, tending towards raw peach and mango. On the heated teaware it blasts off the same creamy aroma with a flowery undertone to it. The first infusion is dominant in white flowers with a mango undertone, the creamy texture adds to the sweetness and overall it makes for a very silky and sweet cup. Second infusion onwards the milky notes go into the background making way for very special grassy and vegetal notes which is somehow sweet with the mango and raw peach still present.


What makes this tea so special is the way these notes blend together to make way for a very pleasing cup, the vegetal and grassy notes are accompanied by a fruity and flowery taste brewing a very interesting liquor. All the sips have a sweet character very close to sweet aftertaste of raw fruits. If you are somebody who loves a good tasting challenge, this is the tea for you, full of complexity but also simply enjoyable!


Appearance : Pale Green

Taste : Creamy, white flowers, mango, fresh cut grass, raw peach, raw jujube.

Recommended Brewing Temperature : 85-90°C
Time of Picking : February 2020

Nilgiri Highland White


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