Introducing the third tea in our Highland selection, Nilgiri Highland Green!


It is grown in Coonoor, Nilgiri at an altitude of 6300 feet. Their motto is to preserve the leaf's character resulting in some exceptional teas. The people making this tea work hard in the misty Nilgiris bringing you this experience!


The green teas we encountered during our visit to the Nilgiris were the highlight of the trip and rightly so! It is the first time in India we have found green teas which are at par with the global standards, Chinese and Japanese greens! The clarity the liquor has makes for a very enjoyable cup, the intense umami notes greet you as soon as you place the tea into your vessel. We prefer using a shiboridashi for this green. When you pour the water for your first infusion, the umami and vegetal aroma fills the area around you creating a wonderful atmosphere for this savoury drink. The first infusion has notes of corn, umami and a pleasant vegetal note tending towards zucchini and spinach. Second infusion onwards it tends towards flowery(white flowers) and spinach with a hint of raw mango. The mouthfeel is clean with the refreshing vegetal and grassy notes coating your mouth. 


This tea can handle very high temperatures so please feel free to experiment with brewing styles!


Appearance : Light Green

Taste : Umami, zucchini, spinach, white flower, corn, vegetal with a hint of raw mango

Recommended Brewing Method : Gong Fu in a shiboridashi or a kyusu, 1 minute long first infusion if you wish to enjoy the umami note to the fullest. Could also be brewed western style with 4 minute infusions.

Recommended Brewing Temperature : 85-90°C
Time of Picking : January 2021

Nilgiri Highland Green(2021)


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