Indian GongFuCha Explorer


Gong fu brewing method is the brewing method of choice for a lot of tea enthusiasts around the world. Due to Indian teas being manufactured almost exclusively for western style/kettle brewing and an abundance of commodity grade Indian teas around the world, there is not much enthusiasm about them in the gong fu brewing community.


Since the start of Ketlee, our aim has been to provide you with teas which can stand gong fu brewing and any brewing method for that matter. Almost all our teas can stand gong fu style brews but there are some teas which especially shine using this method. This sampler set is where you would find our picks for the same. 


In this bundle, you get :

  • 2020 Spring Wild Gushu Maocha

  • 2020 Spring Wild White Tea

  • 2020 Spring Indian Gushu Sheng Cake

  • Dooars Autumn Oolong

  • 2020 Spring Wild Black Tea

  • 2020 Summer Darjeeling Oolong

  • 2019 Autumn Wild White Tea

  • Nilgiri Needle White Tea

  • Wild Galangal Ancient Black Tea

Indian GongFuCha Explorer


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