Indian Exotic Teas Explorer


Showcasing the finest Indian teas available with us in a single package!


In this bundle you get : 


  • 2021 Winter Nilgiri Oolong

  • 2020 Ball Rolled Wild Oolong

  • Dooars Autumn Oolong

  • 2020 Spring Wild White Tea

  • 2020 Summer Darjeeling Oolong

  • Assam Orthodox Gold

  • 2019 Spring Indian Gushu Sheng Wafer(35 grams)

  • 2018 Sikkim First Flush Aged Black Tea

  • 2021 Winter Frost Green

  • Wild Galangal Ancient Black Tea

  • 2020 Winter Darjeeling White Tea


Note :  The 2019 Spring Indian Gushu Sheng Wafer wafer will come in 35 gram size for the smaller sampler set and 2 x 35 gms wafer for the bigger sampler set.

Indian Exotic Teas Explorer


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