Presenting our second tea from Dooars Region, the Dooars Autumn Oolong!


Crafted on the banks of Teesta river, this tea is completely handcrafted preserving the rich juices the plant has to offer. The tea is handrolled making sure the two leaves and the bud stay intact, making it great for Gong Fu style brewing. 


The tea starts smooth with sweet notes of vanilla, roasted nuts with some fruity notes on the finish, similar to fresh dates and green apple. As you go to the second infusion, the flowery notes get intense and you can feel notes of musky marigold and yellow flowers. There are also some fruity notes which we feel resembles Kinnaur apples. On the third steep the fruity notes tone down making way for a vegetal astringency similar to less oxidised black teas popular in India. On the fourth infusion, the tea is mostly flowery with notes of marigold again. There are hints of fresh dates again. Overall this is an easygoing Oolong from the plains of Dooars region and unlike the Dooars Autumn Black, we feel this particular tea performs better when brewed gongfu style.


Appearance : Bright Yellow

Taste : Roasted nuts, vanilla, fresh dates, kinnaur apple, green apple, marigold, mildly vegetal

Steeping Time : 4 minutes western style, 30 seconds gongfu style adding 10 seconds every subsequent steep

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 90°C

Recommended Steeping Method : GongFu Style

Dooars Autumn Oolong


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