Launching Assam Chai Safari subscription

Each month, you will be getting 100grams of top notch garden fresh tea meant for brewing with milk and sugar for a classic Indian Chai Experience. Out of thousands of options available in Assam, we carefully handpick the ones to take you on a journey of discovering the best teas for you. Be prepared to discover a wide range of aromatics and flavours you never could believe your trusted Indian Chai would provide. 

This monthly package will fulfill your expectations with the perfect 'kadak' flavour to soothe your desi chai cravings.




The first batch will ship November 2019. You need to subscribe on or before 25th of the previous month to get your delivery before the 10th of the coming month. 


Upcoming Month's Tea

The first package will ship on 6th of November. The tea will be fresh CTC (BOP-SM) from Golaghat, Assam. 


About BOP-SM : A balanced CTC, full of second flush robustness along with a sweet & malty undertone. The astringency in this tea adds to the strength and makes it a perfect chai to wake you up and invigorate your senses. 


Upcoming Teas : PD, PF, Dust and BP varieties of CTC from auction topping Assam Tea Estates. 

Assam Chai Safari (Monthly Chai Subcription)


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