2020 Winter Harvest Darjeeling White Tea


Its a pleasure to offer you a wintertime tea from Darjeeling, which is most popular for its first flush harvest. Grown in a mid elevation garden of 3500-4000 feet, the winter seasons slow growth provides the leaf with a nectar like sweetness along with citrus fruit notes.


The dry leaf smells sweet with notes of vanilla and milk chocolate, when placed on heated teaware, there is a burst of dessert like aroma which is similar to vanilla wafer. The taste is dominant in notes of mango, sweet lime and white chocolate. The first infusion has a honey finish which is replaced by a pleasant green leaf astringency common in Darjeeling first flush teas. With the later brews the fruity character resembles pineapple and green olives. There is also a hint of mild spice in the third and fourth infusions which gives the medium bodied liquor a nice bite. The aftertaste fruity and sweet with notes of guawa and peach lingering for a long time. 


Appearance : Light yellow

Taste : Vanilla, honey, mango, creamy, white chocolate, sweet lime, pineapple, green olive

Steeping Time : 4 minutes western style, 30 seconds gongfu style adding 10 seconds every subsequent steep

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 80°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Works good both ways, gongfu and western style

2020 Winter Darjeeling White Tea


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