2020 Spring Wild Gushu Maocha


After letting the young maocha rest for 6 months, we can finally offer you this maocha which will go into our 2020 cakes! Extremely young and green, this tea packs a good punch and going by our past experience with this tea, the more punch it packs, the sweeter this is going to age. This time, we have minimized the oxidation to make a batch of true Sheng Pu'erh style tea. 


The tea starts zesty with notes of starfruit and plums. Apart from this, the first infusion also has sweet notes like red berries and ripe plums. Second infusion has stronger red berry notes with some green apple and apricot notes. The tangy part is slightly less prominent in this but its there. By the third steep, you can feel notes of Indian gooseberry and green apple. It also has some nutty notes but with a hint of sweetness again. On the fourth steep, the liquor is almost like the third but also has notes of litchi. The fifth infusion is when the leaves open up completely and you get zesty notes again. The red berries, starfruit and amla notes are present in its full strength and carry on to the aftertaste brilliantly. 


The tea warms up your body really nice and the cha qi is intense given its young age. The dry leaf smells sweet like mulberry and apricots. Like most of the ancient tree teas we offer from Manipur, the tasting notes dont bring out the whole story and the real magic is in the liquor where all these notes come together to create a symphony of tastes! Brew it any style you like, this tea will make sure you enjoy the taste!


Appearance : Light Yellow

Taste : Starfruit, Indian gooseberry/amla, red berries, ripe plum, apricot, green apple

Steeping Time : 3 minutes western style, 20 seconds gongfu style adding 10 seconds every subsequent steep

Leaf Quantity: 3 gms per 120 ml for gongfu and 5 grams for 400 ml western style

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 90°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Gongfu style

2020 Spring Wild Gushu Maocha


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