2020 Spring Wild Black Tea


Golden tips black tea made from ancient assamica tea trees growing wild in Manipur, India. A tea with intense old tree qi to lift your senses up!

For all the assamica lovers in the world, a black tea means a good caffeine kick with a robust astringency. This is different, due to it being made from juicy gushu stuff, the qi is intense but there's zero astringency. Having a milky liquor with deep caramel notes, this tea also looks like a caramel syrup with a very cloudy liquor. The consistency is what stands out, you get the same complex liquor with notes of oak, caramel, molasses and honey in every steep, from the first to the 8th. Also making appearance is a hint of liquorice root and a sweetness associated with sandalwood. 


Appearance : Cloudy Caramel

Taste : Caramel, oakwood, sandalwood, liquorice root, honey, molasses

Steeping Time : 3-4 minutes western style, 20 seconds gongfu style adding 10 seconds every subsequent steep

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 95°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Gongfu style

2020 Spring Wild Black Tea


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