Last year around July, we tried a few experimental oolongs from Assam and we thought 2019 might be the year for Assam oolongs. Assam is the home to classic orthodox and ctc teas people in India usually associate their favourites with. The classic aftertaste of malt is its signature style and without incorporating it well into the tea something feels missing. These malty notes are the taste of Assam's terroir.

Our 2020 Assam Red Oolong is made in the same estate which makes our Assam Summer Black Tea. Located in Golaghat district which is home to over sixty three large sized tea estates. To talk about the semi-arid terroir, there is a popular saying that "one can't make bad tea in Golaghat". The area has also been the birthplace of the small tea growers movement in India and we are proud to associate ourselves with quite a few of them. 

Talking about the taste, the dry leaf has a strong flowery aroma which translates even better into the liquor aroma as well as the taste. The infusions are strong in malty and flowery notes with an orange aftertaste, also present is a slight sweetness owing to the honey notes. The finish leaves your mouth dry and minty just for a moment to encourage another sip of this beautiful tea!


Appearance : Sunset Orange

Taste : Orange, malty, honey, flowery

Steeping Time : 3-4 minutes western style, 20 seconds gongfu style adding 10 seconds every subsequent steep

Leaf Quantity: Treat it like a classic Indian tea, 3-4 gms per 120 ml for gongfu and 5-6 grams for 400 ml western style

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 85-90°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Works good with all styles

2020 Assam Red Oolong


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