Spring 2019 Wild White Tea


From the Wild Tea Mountains in Manipur, we bring you this year's White Tea. Handcrafted with love in Manipur, this tea brings out a very unique palette of flavours. The tea starts with sweet floral notes, progressing towards a raisin like aftertaste. You are then welcomed with a wet woody note later accompanied by a sweet peppermint note, finally ending with sandalwood and brown sugar sweetness. Steep whatever way you want, this tea will offer you a fulfilling brew. 


Grown in the wilderness of Manipur, this tea from very old plants are mother nature's gift to us. In a first, we have been offering unique Wild Teas from this region and will continue doing so. 


NOTE :  Above notes are from 2019 and the tea has changed since then. The basic profile still has notes of sandalwood, honey and raisins but it has a more dominant red grape and yellow flower note now.


Appearance : Light Champagne

Taste : Raisin, flowery, peppermint, sandalwood, brown sugar, woody

Grade : Wild Gushu Spring Harvest 2019

2019 Spring Wild White Tea

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