Presenting 2019 Spring Wild Gushu Maocha


Banking on the experience of last years succesful Gushu Puerh and White Tea Pearls, we are back with the first post fermented tea of this year. A truly handcrafted tea, it is hand picked, withered indoors, pan fried on a wood fired wok, hand rolled and after oxidation, finally sun dried. 


It has an overall fruity aroma and taste, with notes of wild honey, ripe apricots, raw peach and raisins. Also, there are some spice(fennel, pepper, coriander, pomegranate seed) and dry fruits notes present. Needs a good 7-10 second wash to awaken the huge leaves and then 15 second brew for a wholesome body.


Appearance : Bright Golden

Taste : Notes of raw peach, apricots, pomegranate, wild honey, dates, raisins, with spice notes like pepper, fennel and coriander with an underlying bite similar to raw pear with a very smooth mouthfeel with a pleasant dryness to finish

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 95°C

Recommended Steeping Method : GongFu style

2019 Spring Wild Gushu Maocha


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