Introducing 2019 Spring Indian Gushu Sheng Cake

Finally after a very long wait, we have in stock our 2019 Sheng Cake! Compared to last year's sheng, we have refined our processing resulting in a much lighter brew with the famed young sheng bitterness to wake you up. The shape as you see, is also much more consistent.


The only authentic Gushu Puerh style tea from India, this is in a league of its own. Manufactured from Late Spring 2019 Maocha, it is a privilege for us to offer this exotic tea on our store. We hope you love this tea as much as us and make this tea a benchmark for the the generations of Sheng Pu erh style teas from India to follow.


The taste has the sweetness of raisins with hints of subtle flowery notes. Second brew onwards is prominent in wild honey, sandalwood and figs with fennel mouthfeel on the finish.


Appearance : Light Yellow

Taste : Raisins, wild honey, woody, flowery, sandalwood, figs, fennel like aftertaste.

Grade : Sheng Cake in Disc Shape made from Wild Gushu Material

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 95-100°C

2019 Spring Indian Gushu Sheng Cake


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