2019 Sikkim Second Flush Summer Black Tea


Last year, around this time, we started our Ketlee journey with our Sikkim First Flush Black Tea. With the introduction of this Sikkim Summer Black Tea, things have come full circle. Like last year, this year too our signature Sikkim Tea has been handcrafted with love at the Bermiok Tea Estate. This estate has been contastantly upping the game, producing fine teas batch after batch. 

This is an early second flush batch, not very dark and closer to the characteristics of first flush. The tea is full of buds with beautiful silver & yellow buds. The taste is full-bodied with intense flowery aroma with notes of rose, orchids and chrysanthemum. You can taste the springwater minerals of the mountain stream which flows through the estate developing the robust character in the liquor, giving it a pleasant dryness and a strong punch. An easy drinking tea, you can almost never go wrong with the brew. We recommend brewing this tea western style.


Appearance : Gold Amber

Aroma : Rose, caramel, brown sugar, peach

Taste : Floral notes of orchids, chrysanthemum with springwater sweetness and minerality 

Certification : Sikkim State Organic Mission

Grade : FTGFOP1, Darjeeling and Chinary Bushes

Steeping Time : 3-4 minutes

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 90-95°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Western Style brewing

Time of Picking : 27th May 2019

2019 Sikkim Summer Black Tea


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