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Facility upgrade update and a special discount!

A warm namaste to our wonderful patrons across the country!

As you would've noticed, due to your love and support, we have been forced to upgrade our current facility to a bigger space with a lot more people working for fulfilling your orders! What makes us even more proud is that for the first time, a company will be operating in our hometown Ranchi, which will ship its offerings around the world! To generate employment in this small town of ours is a cherry on the cake. A not much known fact about this city is that, before 1970's, the city had around 1600 acres of tea plantations on its outskirts but that slowly faded away into the past due to rapidly changing weather and also some new laws during the time which made it very difficult to sustain the business. The city was famous for its green tea, which was almost unheard of in India during the time, that is crazy, right? The workers working here were trained in Assam in 1840's right before planting the seedlings!

About the facility upgrade status, we were planning to get this space operational by 28th March but it looks like it would be a few more days to a week before we get it up and running completely. After it becomes operational, we will be able to fulfil orders much sooner than usual and will be able to offer shipping throughout the year, which means no breaks during festivals like we usually do! So, we are again putting up a sale to make the wait worth a little more to you. Please use the code KETLEE15 to get 15% off on all your orders till 1st April 2022. Once again, thank you for your support and we hope you are as excited about the upcoming first flush harvests and the spring season as we are!

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