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30% off on all Manipur Teas!

We're running an offer of 30% off on all our Manipur teas till the end of this month. Use the code "MANIPUR30" to avail this offer. You can also use the coupon "KETLEE15" to get 15% off on everything else, this too till end of the month.

We also have some 2023 Nilgiri Teas up on the site now, slightly later this year but we have made sure to source some amazing batches! Another exciting news is that the Assam Golden Bud Breakfast Blend, which makes one of the best milk teas, is back in stock after a long while! Now that we've talked about so many teas, we'd also recommend you check out the new Meghalaya Teas from Autumn 2022, they have not been publicized much by us yet but are one of the most delicious finds of the previous year!

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